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The report also reveals where the nation’s healthiest eaters live — in sunny California.Hot on its heels is New York, where the second healthiest set of singles lives.

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The site's new feature is an i Phone application that buzzes when one of Lovestruck's 40,000 members who fits your criteria is nearby.But maybe, just maybe, that's because you didn't have this handy guide to a carefree, super fun, and—most importantly—insanely delicious Valentine's Day.Your trusty Veg News and Veg editors have compiled the ultimate guide to celebrating a fabulous, vegan-friendly V-Day.So it's a good option if you want to meet someone from a different background, and have time to trawl through "millions" of potentials, mostly aged 25 to 45.A friend writes your narrative on MSF, then you comment: "Can't believe you mentioned the charity work, the lottery win and the modelling." So, someone else shows off for you, plus there's less of a stigma because you didn't sign yourself up. With 8,000 to 10,000 new members every month, this is a cracker.

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