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But things turned around for the better when I met Unicorn, Uncle's horse.

A mining expedition in the South American jungle: Edward Mac Kensie, jealous of his business partner’s lover and wanting to keep the expedition’s riches for himself, engineers an “accident” that kills the partner and his lover.

She currently has 4 gallery links in her own Free Ones section.

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I escaped with Unicorn and we rode off away from Uncle, but then a storm forced us out of the woods and into a barn for shelter. This is an erotic short story featuring sexual acts between both two men and a man with a dog.

Five years later, the Jim'll Fix It star supposedly took part in more satanic abuse at a plush London residence.

A 21-year-old was reportedly forced to take part in an orgy in a room decked out with satanic symbols.

How long have you and your wife been together, and when in your relationship did you come out as transgender to her?

Sadie Satanas: My spouse and I were married on June 6th 2006 (6/6/6), but we’ve been together for 15 years. I came out to her about 4 years ago after we moved from the Bible belt of Oklahoma to the Bay Area.

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