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Working at a local dance school, she longs to become a star performing on Broadway.Eddie persuades her to leave town for New York City, and after their arrival, Eddie debuts on the radio with his so-called singing canaries.Films shown as coming up on Movie Mix in the next few days, according to the Freeview EPG are as follows: A bizarre time to offer a movie service, and a little cheeky to list this as a movie channel when it’s 22 hours of shopping and one movie a day at silly-o-clock.There’s some discussion of this in our Freeview Help and Advice forum We’ve also heard that the Playboy Chat channel is apparently off-air at the moment.Freeview channel 178 still shows the name “Playboy”, and normally transmits Playboy Chat from midnight to 6am.

To add a Playboy TV Chat channel to your "Favorites" list, click on the *Heart* icon in the lower right corner.

Until today, the channel was labelled Big Deal, but has today has become Movie Mix The channel seems to have something of a split personality.

What we understand is that the channel does the following: That gives us 22 hours a day of shopping, and one movie between 3 and 5 in the morning – presumably meaning that it’s there so that people can set their Freeview or You View PVRs to record the movie overnight and watch it the next day.

Just click on the "Play" button to start live streaming.

All you need is a phone, tablet or computer with internet connection.

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