Invalidating session in jsf

How can i check existing session is invalidated or not?

In the following login Bean code i checked every login the user already loggedin or not.

In the do Filter method we will redirect user to login page if he tries to access other page without logging in.

Following the first couple of articles related with JAAS, some readers requested a new article about the JAAS logout process.

For example, say your application is a web-based email application that resides in covers most of your page in the IFrame, and exposes only a button on your page that deletes all email for the account.

If you are not familiar with the concepts that will be described next you should go first through those previous tutorials.

Framebusting prevents clickjacking by using the following Java Script to block the application's pages from running in frames: , then whenever a page tries to run in a frame, an alert is shown to the user that the page is being redirected, the Java Script code is run to define the page as topmost, and the page is disallowed to run in the frame.

If your application needs to use frames, you can set the parameter value to Note: The origin of a page is defined using the domain name, application layer protocol, and in most browsers, TCP port of the HTML document running the script.

It is somewhat related to another question I posted earlier, namely the view had no single field which could be used as a unique identifier.

Net Beans required I select an ID field, so I just chose one part of what should have been a multi-part key.

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