Interpreting male body language dating

However, before doing so the guy and girl alike will both start grooming themselves: the guy will fix his tie if he has one on, straighten his pants and shirt as he gets up, and the girl will start playing with her jewelry, fiddling with her hair and crossing her legs.

Once the guy reaches the girl to talk they will initiate a conversation of some sort – short into the conversation you can usually see how things are going.

Thumbs in pockets – Ah yes, there’s nothing more manly that this typical male alpha male stance.

The reason why men do this is that it is the best way to subconsciously display the breadth of the chest and strength of the upper body.

Here are some examples of what a man seeking to impress a woman will do, and why.

The way that a man shakes your hand will also tell you much; if he shakes your hand firmly but not crushing, he feels that you are an equal.

If his grip is less than firm, he is being polite, and treating you like a lady -- not a guy.

The body language of attraction is often the same for both men and women.

That means learning the body language of attraction has twice the benefit.

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