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More Dating guru Matthew Taylor (Shemar Moore) falls for celebrity therapist Kristin Peralta (Nadine Velazquez) while he does a book tour to promote his best-selling self-help guide.In time, their relationship forces him to confront his issues stemming from a prior breakup. You watch it thinking: There's a reason why Tracy and Hepburn movies never hinged on therapy, and didn't feature actors whose exteriors looked a lot more exciting than their inner lives. Micheaux’s 1948 film The Betrayal is sometimes described as a loose remake of The Homesteader.Source(s): TCM; Wikipedia; Photo: By Micheaux Book & Film Company via Wikimedia Commons.Her assistant calls and Terry tells her to leave them alone for the week as Dianne is on vacation.

Everyone tries to fix their mistakes, but Mike wants a divorce.Baptiste falls in love with Agnes, who does not know that she is not White.Baptiste despairs of overcoming the social barriers that prevent their union He returns east and marries Orlean, the daughter of Mc Carthy, a vain and greedy minister.That night Mike is seen, by Angela, sneaking into Trina’s room.Sheila was heading to Colorado but the night was was too dark and snowy, so she pulls off on the side of the road.

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